Wikipedia: How To Create A Page & Why?

Wikipedia: How To Create A Page & Why?

Wikipedia is a platform that needs no prior introduction. It is the most authentic source of information on the internet.

Wikipedia is a trustworthy name in publishing and distributing genuine quality articles to the mass public. It is known as a free source of encyclopedia that offers research-based content information to the audience.

The encyclopedia is a term that refers to a compilation of information from various credible sources. Britannica is the world’s oldest and most famous encyclopedia for people. It is popular for thesaurus and general knowledge.

Wikipedia has broken the publishing records of Britannica and exceeds ahead in the numbers. It has published thousands of articles in English and multiple languages for customers.

Wikipedia is an excellent medium for businesses and individuals to sign up for an account and build a new Wikipedia page.

Now, the question arises, who can create a Wikipedia page for me? The right answer to this question is everyone. Wikipedia allows everybody to build a page and publish an article for the audience.

But, with a condition. An individual person or an organization must meet a strict notability criterion in order to create a Wikipedia page and publish it online.

Notability is a basic priority for a company to develop a new page for it. It means any small or a large business should have a strong authority in the market. It should have popularity in the industry.

 Wikipedia does not allow anonymous businesses to create a page, nor does it permit any company to build a page for itself. It is one of the rules of the Wikipedia page that strictly follows.

It states that no business or an individual has the legal or ethical right to develop a Wikipedia page for self. Wikipedia prohibits this act and rejects the article directly.

Following are essential factors to create a Wikipedia page:

Develop A Wikipedia Page Popularity Among The Public

Nothing can happen overnight. It takes a lot of time to develop the popularity of something. It can be an individual personality or a company. Many businesses take a lifetime to get known among the public. Although, there are professions where you can make your name and fame in less time.

Media is a rising platform that builds your status in the market and makes you popular among the mass audience. You can see plenty of celebrities, media personalities, sportsmen, journalists, and politicians who are famous for their work. Everybody can build a unique reputation in their specific field of profession. The only condition is to work hard with honesty and sincerity.

Wikipedia verifies the recognition of a person or an organization by means of online articles, blogs, press releases, websites, and other media publications. After confirming the authenticity, Wikipedia allows them to sign up for an account and create a page for their business. They can choose any topic or subject to write a content article and publish it for review.

 The crucial factor for posting an article on a Wikipedia page is having a solid reputation and recognition in any area of profession. You can be a doctor, engineer, lawyer, chartered accountant, or anyone who has done something exceptional or extraordinary in your field.

Accumulating Wikipedia Page References from Original Sources

Another essential factor is collecting references from original and independent sources. The sources should be unbiased and should not contain any offensive material. Wikipedia page does not permit anyone to write and post anything that is not verified by professional sources.

Whatever you write should be properly checked and backed by credible references. You need to list links below the article from where you borrowed any information and mention their names too.

Moreover, references should also have a Wikipedia page to prove their credibility and authority on the internet. It gives them acceptance and makes them eligible to create a Wikipedia page.

However, individuals should be well-deserved in their area of discipline and highly recognized in the industry to prompt others to create a page for them.

Conducting Research About A Wikipedia Page Community

Wikipedia is a well-known community of writers, contributors, and editors to work mutually and build harmony together. They should work for a voluntary cause to deliver well-researched and authenticated information to readers.

The information must be verified from diverse sources and convey a meaningful message to the readers. Likewise, Every new Wikipedia user must follow strict guidelines and obey the regulations accordingly. They have to go through a long-term and exhausting process of reviewing and approving the articles. It may take around three to six months to approve a Wikipedia page.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, all in all, these mentioned above are factors for creating a Wikipedia page. It provides valuable and resourceful information to readers. Wikipedia page is accessible and editable to anyone. A person should have a name and fame to write an article and publish it for approval.

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